My First Three HTML Games

It has been about a week since I began learning HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS from my brother.

I have created three games in that week, as well as a menu that links to each game.  Of the games, there are:

  • Illustrious Bigfoot – My first “game” in which Bigfoot randomly teleports around the screen.  To win, click on Bigfoot.
  • Catch Bigfoot – This is my second game, in which you are a park ranger controlled by the WASD keys, and your goal is to catch Bigfoot(s) as they randomly move around the screen.  This was linked to on a previous post on my blog.
  • Bigfoot Defense – My third game, which took about four days to write (in comparison to the other games which took one day each) is definitely the most complicated of the current games.  The player controls a cannon with their mouse, and shoots by clicking.  The goal is to protect the castle from eight waves of bigfoots.
EDIT: As of July 5, 2012, Bigfoot Defense has sounds when you shoot and when you hit a Bigfoot.  On iPhones and iPads, only the shooting sound works.

Try out the Bigfoot Games!

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