Progress Update: December 29, 2012


  • Prototype mount positions IMU properly on PR2Lite
  • Revising PR2Lite navigation
  • Investigating using PR2 tabletop manipulation stack for PR2Lite


  • ROS driver and firmware for CH Robotics IMU working


  • made a very basic prototype to mount the IMU in PR2Lite.

Progress Update: December 8, 2012


  • received his Arduino Mega.  It has two Serial ports.  One of the serial ports will communicate with the computer and the other will communicate with the microproceesor.  This will allow frequent position updates from the linear actuator microprocessors and buffering of commands from the computer.
  • received his CH Robotics IMU and uploaded the latest firmware.  Unfortunately the accelerometer is returning all zeros.
  • reflashed the linear actuator firmware.  May need to add a bigger capacitor.


  •  Wrote improved follow_controller but awaiting the Arduino to increase linact position accuracy before testing
  • Started working on the kinect portion of the modified turtlebot block manipulation demo.  The actual robot state is not being displayed accurately.  Debugging.

Progress Update: December 2, 2012

Frank and Alan:

  • PR2Lite Arm navigation now executes on the real robot.
  • is now arbotix independent and is already being used by another robot
  • more customization required to make the trajectory run smoother, especially with the linear actuators
  • urdf tweaks to more accurately represent PR2Lite
  • linear actuator driver tweaks to more accurately represent PR2Lite and avoid false collisions
  • to improve the performance of the linear actuators, we need to make the computer to linear actuator board communication parallel by adding more usb to serial connections
  • we are planning on using a CH Robotics UM6 IMU due to its existing ROS driver.