Progress Update: January 13, 2013

Here’s this week’s progress:

  • fixed some bugs and the torso controller now works as in the pr2 tutorial
  • made progress on new pr2lite navigation
  • playstation joystick no longer working (dropped too many times?)
  • began modifying pi robot’s teleop gui for pr2lite

Progress Update: January 5, 2013 (Happy New Year!)

We have finally diagnosed some problems that have been bugging us for a while, and have fixes for them.


  • Continued investigating revised robot navigation
  • Made a PR2 compatible head and torso trajectory controller. (The head works, the other is untested)
  • Working on fixing PR2Lite URDF after we discovered problems


  • Fixed the linear actuator problems by tuning incoming and outgoing messages coming to and from the microcontrollers
  • Resoldered and reflashed some microcontrollers


  • I made a new prototype mount for the IMU
  • I stopped the Neato Lidar from making an annoying clickity click click sound.
  • I helped figure out the problem in the URDF so the robot can recognize it’s own limbs.  A measurement in the height in the URDF model was wrong.