Maker Faire 2013 Entry Description

Strategic Showdown Between Human-Scale, Autonomous Robots

Two of the world’s most advanced hobbyist robots will be competing in chess against each other here at Maker Faire! PR2Lite is an autonomous, human-sized robot, and will be playing chess with Maxwell, the 5 ft tall, chess-playing winner of the 2011 AAAI Small Scale Manipulation Challenge. PR2Lite was developed by 4 high-schoolers and their mentor fathers, and Maxwell was developed by Michael Ferguson, formerly of Willow Garage. Both robots have been featured in SERVO Magazine.

What is PR2Lite?
With relatively low-cost components like the Microsoft Kinect, lidars from robotic vacuum cleaners, servos with feedback, and the open-source software ROS, our PR2Lite robot mimics the capabilities of the PR2 from Willow Garage. Willow Garage’s PR2 is a $400,000 research robot, and uses high-end sensors and servos, while our PR2Lite makes use of cheaper hardware to attempt many of the same tasks.

What is Maxwell?
Maxwell is a low-cost, human-scale mobile manipulator which received 1st Place in the 2011 AAAI Small Scale Manipulation Challenge. The robot has a single arm and differential drive mobile base. Sensory consists of a Microsoft Kinect on a pan/tilt stage. Control software was written with the help of the Robot Operating System (ROS).

PR2Lite edit Maker Faire


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