RoboGames 2013

I went to the 2013 RoboGames on Saturday, April 20.  In addition to the combat robots, there were small humanoid robots, hexapods, telepresence bots, a RoboMagellan competition, and a wide variety of very impressive art bots.

Nathaniel Lewis, who had previously worked on PR2Lite with us, won second place in RoboMagellan with his team from UC Merced!


Robofest 2013 Qualifying Round

A friend and I just got first place in the Fremont Robofest 2013 SRCC Qualifiers.

For this competition, three teams each built their own autonomous (no remote control) robot to bring a black box back to the starting point. Other goals include pushing the white boxes off the triangle, pushing them off the table, and measuring the area of the black triangle.  See the official rules here.

Two days before our local Robofest 2013 SRCC Qualifying Round, my high school robotics club split off into two teams.  In those two days, one other person and I built and programmed a working VEX and RobotC robot, and got first place in the three teams that competed.  In addition to working on the Vex Robot, I helped the other team in our robotics club build the base and robot for their Lego NXT robot.

Here are the vidoes of the rounds.  I am the guy in the white shirt, and the guy in the orange jacket is my partner.