Progress Update: August 24, 2013

Alan and Frank had wiring problems.

Matthew (me) worked to finish the design for the Velo Gripper, and we will soon order the parts to be cut out.


Myrrored, our iOS and Adobe Flash puzzle game has been released!

Myrrored, our puzzle game is FREE on the iOS app store and online as a flash game on!  It is is a puzzle game that challenges you to manipulate mirrors to redirect lasers into laser sensors.

Level 29

Level 29

Andrew (my brother) and I have been working on Myrorred for over two years, and with the help of Nathaniel Lewis, we’ve ported it to iOS devices!  I did all the graphics and was the level designer, which is a pretty big thing since this was a puzzle game.  It has 60 levels, each with a unique puzzle and simple rules.  It was great that we finally got it out before the end of my Summer vacation.

Progress Update: August 3, 2013

Alan and Andrew continued adapting the PR2 pick and place demo as a basis of the Floorbot challenge.  They also started evaluating continuing using electric versus moving to groovy and “moveit!” for the challenge.  Additionally, they looked into Willow Garage’s velo gripper modeling.

Alan, Andrew and Frank are debating about which laptop should replace PR2lite’s current computer.

Matthew continued his Autodesk Inventor design of the lower arm in Autodesk Inventor.