Huge Progress! February 15, 2014

We’ve made great progress in the cleaning up of PR2Lite into its final configuration.

  • Replacing the old desktop-based computer with its converter with a laptop went a long way to clean up the wiring.
  • We added a shelf for the laptop above the microcontrollers for the linear actuator and wheel pids.
  • The wires now go up in a channel cut into the shelves per its original design.
  • In the shelf above the laptop, we put the new DC to AC converter, all the AC adapters (e.g., for the neato the usb hubs, the dynamixels, the kinect), and two powered USB3 Hubs for all the USB-based controllers.
  • the next shelf up has three 12v SLA to power the DC to AC adapters.  It also holds the joystick.
  • The top shelf has the neato board and some battery voltage level detectors.
  • The dynamixel CM-5 and USB2Dynamixel were moved down within the moving outer torso.
  • The Linear actuator holders for the torso up/down were re-glued.
  • Courtesy of excellent Robotis customer service, our new MX-106/MX-64/Velo gripper arm is operational again.

We are currently upgrading the encoders for the wheels and continue to improve the mobility of the base.


Pictures of PR2Lite, which now doesn’t need to be plugged into an outlet to run!

PR2Lite's arm moving (It planned out it's movements -- see the laptop screen)

PR2Lite’s arm moving (It planned out it’s movements — see the laptop screen)