Myrrored, our iOS and Adobe Flash puzzle game has been released!

Myrrored, our puzzle game is FREE on the iOS app store and online as a flash game on!  It is is a puzzle game that challenges you to manipulate mirrors to redirect lasers into laser sensors.

Level 29

Level 29

Andrew (my brother) and I have been working on Myrorred for over two years, and with the help of Nathaniel Lewis, we’ve ported it to iOS devices!  I did all the graphics and was the level designer, which is a pretty big thing since this was a puzzle game.  It has 60 levels, each with a unique puzzle and simple rules.  It was great that we finally got it out before the end of my Summer vacation.

Progress Update: June 15, 2013

Nathaniel, Andrew and Matthew are working on the final touches of the iphone puzzle game Myrrored.  Coming soon to the Apple Apps store – free!!!

We submitted an article on PR2Lite to Servo.

We fixed bugs discovered during recent testing on the torso controller, the head controller, and the base controller.

We have reliability problems when using both the base (wheels and linear actuator) and the upper arms.  This appears to be due to the length of the cable and packet collisions.  If we run just the upper arms or just the base, things appear to work pretty well.

General Update: July 28, 2012

Matthew Downing (me):
– I play-tested Myrrored on the iPad and iPhone.  Nathaniel is in the process of porting Myrrored to iOS devices.

Andrew Downing:
– Andrew did research on the Turtlebot’s arm/block demo in the topic of  the Kinect.
– Andrew helped give his opinion while looking at Nathaniel’s porting of Myrrored to iOS devices.

Nathaniel Lewis:
– Nathaniel uploaded his code for the linear actuators to be represented as servos.
– He showed us his porting of Myrrored to iOS devices and worked on the code with us.

Alan Downing:
– Alan did research on the Turtlebot’s arm/block demo in the topic of the arm navigation planning.