Rush Week for AHS Robotics Club

Unbeknownst to most readers, I am the president of the Robotics Club at my High School.  Every year we have one crazy, busy week to encourage people to join clubs.  This is called Rush Week, and I’m proud of this year’s stand.  We brought in our own table for every of the 5 days, and built 4 example robots in less than a week’s time.  All in all it was successful, with about 75 signups.  Here are some pictures from that week:

Out VEX Robot, built and programmed in 3 days autonomously moved around on the table, and also was driven around on the rotunda floor.  A servo waved around a picture of a robot.

Rush Week VEX Robot

Here is an additional picture of our booth at Rush Week, complete with line follower (bottom), tri-fold, and decade-old trophies (and quite a few new ones as well).  It’s probably the best Rush Week we’ve had in years.

Rush Week


Bay Area Maker Faire 2013 – Playing Chess!

Our Meet the Makers page!

A previous post describing our booth at Maker Faire.

Michael Ferguson’s Blog.  He made Maxwell, the robot we shared a booth and “played chess” with.

On May 18 & 19, 2013, we brought PR2Lite to the Bay Area Maker Faire in the San Mateo County Event Center.  With Maxwell, by Michael Ferguson, we had a booth of the two robots playing chess autonomously against each other.  Maxwell possessed the dexterity required for moving the individual pieces.  PR2Lite on the other hand had trouble, especially because the servos would overheat due to holding up the arms for too long (the robot took time while planning its arm movements).  Overall, it was a successful Maker Faire trip, and we had a well placed booth, so many people stopped by to learn about our work.

We also had to create a new way of transporting the robot, because last year we had a piece break off because of jostling during transportation.  It was built in one day, and could be strapped down onto the floor of the car.  This year it worked perfectly.  Here’s what it looked like:

Maker Faire 2013

RoboGames 2013

I went to the 2013 RoboGames on Saturday, April 20.  In addition to the combat robots, there were small humanoid robots, hexapods, telepresence bots, a RoboMagellan competition, and a wide variety of very impressive art bots.

Nathaniel Lewis, who had previously worked on PR2Lite with us, won second place in RoboMagellan with his team from UC Merced!

Robofest 2013 Qualifying Round

A friend and I just got first place in the Fremont Robofest 2013 SRCC Qualifiers.

For this competition, three teams each built their own autonomous (no remote control) robot to bring a black box back to the starting point. Other goals include pushing the white boxes off the triangle, pushing them off the table, and measuring the area of the black triangle.  See the official rules here.

Two days before our local Robofest 2013 SRCC Qualifying Round, my high school robotics club split off into two teams.  In those two days, one other person and I built and programmed a working VEX and RobotC robot, and got first place in the three teams that competed.  In addition to working on the Vex Robot, I helped the other team in our robotics club build the base and robot for their Lego NXT robot.

Here are the vidoes of the rounds.  I am the guy in the white shirt, and the guy in the orange jacket is my partner.